Monday, January 3, 2011

Week one in review

So at the end of this week I've lost one pound. At first I was happy, mainly because the weekend and friday I pretty much abandoned any hope of actually dieting, although some of the habits I've adopted carried over, but I really didn't workout like I'd like to. So to see a pound get knocked off the scale was actually nice. Then my head started feeling dissapointed, I started to feel that this was going to be a very slow and very painful race I'm running with myself. After that little period of self loathing I was back to feeling happy with myself.

I know some people look at this blog sometimes, especially those just searching for weight loss tips, so here's a small encouragement. I lost one pound in a week, and at first that seems like nothing. It seems meaningless, like this is a race that can't be won, but don't lose hope. take a look at this:

This is what one pound of fat looks like. this is what I've just eliminated from my body, so it's not a small task, it's actually very difficult. For those of us who are overweight but not obese, weight loss can seem daunting when you see 300 pound people dropping 20 pounds at a time on biggest loser. at 148 pounds now, I have to be ok with losing one or two pounds at a time.

So now we move onto ways to improve. This week was rocky, and I think I can pinpoint some of the problems:
1. Diet. I stopped tracking my food, and most of that was just laziness, which is easy to fix. I also had a lot of bad food in the house, which I've gotten rid of. No more oreos, no more goldfish, no more pie. I have healthy, low calorie deserts stocked in the freezer, lots of healthy snacks around the house and a slightly cleaner kitchen, which is still in progress.
2. going to the gym everyday to move my arms in circles for 30 minutes isn't working for me. After three days of doing it, it's become incredibly boring. The solution? vary up my workouts, and get creative to work around my injury. I can swim, which is probably very good for my knee anyway, and that's something I'll be doing today for my workout. I can do weights and of course do the usual cardio I do. Varying the workouts I think will help me a lot in staying consistent. I won't plan workouts this week, instead I'll shoot to burn at least 300 calories each day, with whatever workout I decide to do.

So onto week two! I'm feeling pretty good about today, so I'm not worried about getting stuff done today, but we'll see if I can stay consistant, and not let my moods and cravings get in the way this time.

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