Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Problems to solve

So I'm going through week two with considerably less motivation than week one. I didn't workout yesterday and haven't worked out yet today, although yesterday was mainly due to reading the last 300 pages of the Count of Monte Cristo, which is a little difficult to put down once you're at the end. Today there really isn't an excuse, and my mindset I think is more on "OMG my house is dirty and I've been ignoring it" and "OMG I need to take out a loan for the spring semester" and "OMG I need to call the maintenance guys about my ice maker and I have a doctors appointment at 8 tomorrow and WAAAH!" So working out just doesn't sound appealing, because I don't feel relaxed enough to be able to do it. I know that sounds really backwards, but unlike most people working out doesn't calm me down in a good way. I usually feel calm enough not to do anything else productive, so sometimes if I want to get a lot done I avoid working out, knowing that it will eliminate the GOOD stress that keeps me going.
What's the point of all this? I think two things need to happen. I need to get my house clean, because it's affecting me seriously now, and I need to get on a sleep schedule that promotes working out. Tomorrow will be a good excuse to start waking up early. To have breakfast and go to my appointment I'll probably need to wake up at 6 or 6:30. that way I have enough time to eat, get ready and leave with a few minutes to spare. I really want this to be something to stick to. I always had trouble keeping a schedule because I could never figure out what was the "correct" time to wake up. Should I wake up with joe? No because his schedule is going to be flipping around all over the place when he starts work. Should I wake up at 6? Possibly but why 6 instead of 7 or 5? Right now the sun rises at 7 am, and this time will gradually get earlier and earlier.

after looking at a sunrise calender, I think I've made a decision. The sun rises at 7:12 on the shortest days, and at just before six on the longest, so waking up at 6:30 means I can wake up with the sun pretty much any time of year. that's a good time to start with. I think waking up with the sun is a good idea too.

To emphasize, I'm not dwelling on my sleep schedule as a distraction, I think setting a specific time to workout is very important to consistency. The next problem is figuring out a transportation situation with Joe. I'd love to swim every morning in the Lap pools on base, but I just don't have a way to get over there. I may be able to figure something out though, Sometimes it's surprising how public transportation can help.

Anyway, I'll post back on here sometime with an update, right now I'm trying to fix the problems with my regimen. Ciao!

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