Thursday, January 27, 2011

Middle of week five

I feel so much better today. I think I had a really good day. I may start posting my food intake daily, it might help me and maybe help someone who's looking at this blog. I swam for 30 minutes, and actually got my freestyle stroke down pretty good. I'm getting much better at it. I find I enjoy how much faster I swim doing that stroke versus other ones. I ate healthy all day as well, and as I said, I'm not counting calories. My food was mostly veggies, some fish, a little rice and some oats in the morning, but overall very balanced and just the way I've been trying to get it. I still have a problem with increasing the size of my meals toward the end of the day, so I'll have to try to stop that... but other than that I'm happy with how today went. I want to do a post about a specific topic, which came up in a discussion with a friend of mine regarding muscle in women and what crosses the line between healthy and detrimental. I may do this tomorrow, I'm going to relax for the moment.

Oh one more thing, if anyone is wondering, the main tools I've been using to track my food and my workouts is from the makers of cardiotrainer on my droid. They have a branch app called weight loss and one called calorific which is free. I use all three, and love them.

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