Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 3 in review

This week didn't feel good at all, and I gained a pound. My schedule has been rocked since joe has just started work, and his schedule is so unusual. We've had a friend over and we've been making food I don't normally eat, and I've been trying to accomplish things I should have done when we first got here.

HOWEVER, I have reason to believe week four will be better, much better. Since I started this journey I haven't worked out fully in a week yet, and I think I'll be able to this week. Joe works four days on, four days off, switching after his first two day shifts to two nights. It's a really rough schedule for him. I could probably work around his day schedule and get in a swim before the pools close, but who wants to do that when you don't have to, especially when your husband just came home from a 12 hour shift?

The time he has off puts me in a good position, however. He works nights tomorrow and thursday, meaning I can use the car in the daytime and go for a swim. Then he has four days off, making it very easy for me to workout anytime. My goal is to swim four days a week and do yoga once a week. This week, I'll be swimming tomorrow, thursday, friday and saturday. This should help a lot with weight loss, especially since I enjoy lap swimming so much. With my house getting cleaner I've been more motivated to count calories again as well. So I'm optimistic, maybe I can make up for the pound gained by losing two this week. I'll post here again with progress on my plan later this week.

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