Tuesday, February 8, 2011

week 6 in review

So I weighed myself this morning and I was still 147 pounds. This makes me realize two things: one, superbowl sunday homemade pizza and wings will indeed fill up my stomach and little more than necessary, and two: I need to start measuring my waist. Also, I didn't workout as much this week. I think all in all that "week 2 syndrome" is a pretty good way of explaining this. I've heard for a while that the second week of a new diet plan can really hit hard and be hard to stick by in the second week. So going into week 7 I need to workout more, which I succeeded in doing today, burning almost 500 calories actually, and I need to watch out for treating myself too often. The pizza was a good treat, but two slices was enough, I had four slices and a few wings, which was too much food. I could have had two slices, a little wine, maybe a little bit of dark chocolate and it would have been way less calories. Lesson learned.

I'm looking a little skinnier. I think when I get down to 140, which should be in about 3 weeks, I'll take another picture of myself. I think the ten pound mark is a good chance for rewards, like a new bathing suite and workout outfit, maybe some home equipment, or maybe if my knee is better, I hiking trip.

My swimming is getting much better. I'm paying much more attention to form than to my breathing now, since I pretty  much have my breathing down. I may have to start swimming for longer periods of time. Actually that's not true. I've been overdoing it a little with swimming, because I don't feel worn out, and I end up doing other things throughout the day, and it makes me eat more and lounge around because I'm tired. I think 30 minutes a day is fine for now, we'll work our way up when I'm not as tired.

I may weigh myself again tomorrow morning, it's possible that the food from sunday was still in my system and that's why I broke even. After a full day of healthy eating and some green tea, that sodium and water weight may dissapear, so we'll see.

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