Saturday, February 5, 2011

ending week 6

I wanted to give an update although there isn't much to say. I've been sticking to the healthy diet and working out. This last week I think I haven't dieted quite as well as I did last week, and I'm curious to see if I'll see that on the scale. I decided I should probably measure myself since my weight may fluxuate in the future. With my steady workouts, my muscle may begin to build. I've been eating more bread products although most of them are whole grain, but the amount of carbs in my diet has gone up. This may not matter at all, but we'll see. Tomorrow is superbowl sunday. I know my husband and our friend want to do something like make wings and dip. It'll be a challenge keeping it healthy. There's a chicken place here that has healthy rotisserie chicken, and I think we'll be getting some of that. I may be called upon to make pizza and five layer dip, so I'll be looking around for healthy ways of doing that. Pizza can be made healthy.  Making wheat bread from scratch and keeping the toppings traditional (tomato sauce, mozzerella, basil and olive oil) would be the best way, but I'm not sure how my friend will feel about that combination. Wings I won't be eating, there's just too much fat and skin compared to good meat on those, not including the sauce, that it's just not worth it. A dip would be fun to make but a five layer dip will be challenging. I'll have to make my own quac and be very selective about the layers, I'll also probably need to make a huge amount of pita chips, although maybe I'll be the only one eating those.

So speaking of healthy food, this morning I made outmeal from scratch which turned out very good. I used non fat milk, whole grain rolled oats, a banana, blueberries, a little bit of sugar and cinnamon to add to the flavor. I'm not an oatmeal person, so I was apprehensive about the taste but I liked it. I also tried my hand at homemade chai tea, which turned out a little bland. I'll have to experiment with flavors, and definitely let it steep for much longer next time.

for the most part though, I'm just keeping at it, and enjoying the feeling of a new lifestyle. It feels great to be healthy.

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