Sunday, February 20, 2011

ending week 7

I haven't posted updates in a few days, and this week has been very difficult for me. I decided to implement another positive habit in the next step to get my life fully functional, and it was waking up at a reasonable time. I decided to start sleeping at 11 and getting up at 7. Although I've been getting closer each day with making this schedule permanent, it's put a strain on my ability to get things done. My days were generally long, and I'd push my schedule back each day. Naturally I have more of a 18 to 20 hour day and I sleep for 9 hours or so when I sleep, so my schedule constantly changes. I decided I wanted to stop this, but the consequence is a much shorter day, and I'm not quite used to it. It's affected my diet and exercise. I haven't worked out very much this week, about 2 days of real workouts and some walking, and no swimming (although I still need new goggles...) and my diet hasn't been the best either. I've been eating more based on mood than on nutritional needs, although today and yesterday were a bit better. I'm a little nervous about my weigh in tomorrow. I just hope I can lose enough to get below 145. I'm worried I won't lose any weight like the week andy was over and we ate pizza during the superbowl. I'll update tomorrow with my weight. I think I'll still try to make this schedule stick, and hopefully I'll get my shit together as time goes by...

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