Saturday, February 12, 2011

A day of food

So I wanted to post a typical day of what I eat. I actually missed taking photos of two of my meals and had to make due. One was Jamba Juice so I just grabbed some stock pics, and the other got photographed when most of it was gone, oh well. Still, I wanted to show what a typical day for lauren is:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt (cherry flavor,) a grapple, two egg whites (from a carton,) and a fourth of an avocado.

After my workout, I stopped at Jamba Juice to get a smoothie for joe. I got myself a MediterreneYUM flatbread and a small all fruit strawberry smoothie. Total calories for this was 470. It's a little higher than usual, but with lots of fruits and veggies, I'm ok with it. BTW, this image actually isn't what I got. Mine didn't have cheese on it.

Some orange juice while making dinner. i was getting pretty hungry. It's from a Dole carton (no preservatives.)

I forgot to take a picture of my plate, so this is the much less pretty version. I baked sausage, potatoes, squash, onions, and mushrooms seasoned with paprika, red peppers, and pepper. It turned out really good. I had one link of sausage cut up and lots of veggies.

Desert. I was doing homework and was feeling out of it. I had some coffee with honey and sugar (watered down Americano style, we were out of milk and my coffee is espresso style) The spoon has peanut butter, a little honey and some dark chocolate, a new favorite desert for me :) I don't have coffee that often but it helps me focus as long as I drink it really slowly. It provides a steady flow of caffeine. I generally only drink coffee when I know I haven't had any caffeine in a few days and it won't make me freak out because I've worked out, which I did today. Now I feel completely normal, the effects of it have worn off.

So that was my day. The general estimate from my calorie app I use is around 1400 calories today. I'm pretty happy the flatbread was the only bread product I ate today. I'm a big carb addict and I've been trying to break myself of the addiction. I eat carbs after working out because it helps me recover and it's a nice reward. It's been tricky eliminating it from dinner, but baking makes that easier.

So I hope this helps someone who happens to see this blog. I know when I first tried to diet, seeing what other people ate helped me. I may do this again sometime and try to take a picture of my plate each time, so you can see the portion size.

Things are going well though, I'll update again when I weight in!

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