Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 2

I got through a second day! Imagine that... it's an improvement from previous attempts, and I think I have this blog to thank. I ate 1248 calories today too, which is fantastic! Those extra 48 are actually from an oreo I ate while making dinner. I was starving, and actually started to have stomach pain that felt like I was going to throw up. I grabbed an oreo because it was quick and available. So that wasn't too smart, a carrot or some fruit juice or milk would have been a better choice, but it's ok it's not to bad as far as slips go. My workout this morning was 30 minutes of upper body cardio, and at first I felt like shit, but quickly got into the rythm and hit that happy state you get during a cardio workout where all the endorphins hit you. So that was a very nice reward, thanks nature :) I always forget you have to really work to get to that, but it's always so worth it.
Eating today was a little easier as well. I ate a bigger breakfast, although it looked much smaller. It was higher calorie, and then had my snack, which was a bagel with cream cheese and some blueberry juice. That was perfect for my workout, so I made a good decision on that one. Dinner was a recipe I've wanted to try that came out AWESOME. It was delicious, AND it was super healthy. How healthy? 100 calorie healthy! (per 1/6 of the recipe without rice) It's called Moqueca. It's a Brazilian fish stew that's pretty easy to make. I was quite happy with it. Click here for the recipe.

So I got through my second day, and it wasn't as tough as the first. Tomorrow will definitely be easier, because I'm going to try to go to the zoo, and having an activity has always made it easier for me to eat healthy. I'll be trying to pack snacks and healthy food just in case the park doesn't have anything good to eat (and to save money) and I'll have my cardio trainer on to track how many calories I burn. If it's over 200, I'll count that as my alternative workout for Wednesdays. If not, I think I can pair it with yoga and get the right amount.

The stats:
ate 1248 calories
burned 372 in workout

Oh btw, I weighed myself today, although not in the morning, so I'll probably have a pound or so advantage in weight loss this week, but I was at 149.6 I figured I can drop the .6 and say that's time of day gain, and really I'm probably more around 149. No picture yet :) Tomorrow I'll try to. I think I'm putting it off for obvious reasons...Until tomorrow!

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