Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 1

Day one is always my first threshold. I would say that I've quit after one day most of the times I attempt to diet. Usually if I last through the second day, it's after the first week that I start having trouble, but we'll cross that problem when we get to it. Tomorrow, I'll have to deal with my first big obstacle, which is continuing this plan without the exitement that comes from a new change.

So today I ate relatively healthy, but the Christmas dinner leftovers aren't helping my cause. My husband has been however, and I'm thankful for his high metabolism for once. The mac and cheese casserole is almost gone, and the pumpkin pie is down to one slice, so all that's really left is the ham. I ate 1400 calories today, 200 more than i wanted, but it's still not too bad. I need to eat a bigger breakfast tomorrow, I think I had an intense loss of energy during my workout that came from not enough calories to burn, so a bigger breakfast and smaller dinner will have to be the adjustment. If I remember correctly I ate a 183 calorie breakfast and a 350 calorie dinner, those can be reversed. Cutting the 200 extra won't be too tough since the pie is almost gone, and pumpkin pie is my favorite kind. We still have oreos in the house, but since I ate quite a few of them during the holidays I'm not having any trouble staying away. I definitely need to get a bar of dark chocolate. Paired with a glass of wine this desert combination has served me well in past dieting experience.

And for my workout I did 20 minutes of upper body cycling, and attempted my weights, getting through 3 sets of ten of the rowing machine before deciding to stop. It's never good when your stomach growls during a workout. Again, lesson learned. Bigger breakfast, smaller dinner.

The stats:
1400 cal
burned 300 in workout

Tomorrow is going to be my first challenge, and distraction will serve me well. Hopefully I can get some stuff done tomorrow so I won't be so focused on hunger. Until tomorrow!

Oh btw, I'll be weighing myself tomorrow and taking a picture so I have a starting image, but mondays from now on will be my official weigh in day. Ciao!

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