Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food solution

Hello weightloss blog. I haven't been here in a few days. I'm currently at 146.6 pounds, and I think that small bit of loss is due to better eating habits. As far as my workout/diet regimen, it's changed a bit lately. Why? because I got a puppy!

Isn't he adorable? Little border collie, definitely looking forward to all the tricks I'll be able to teach him. Also, he happens to be a huge pain in the ass as well. Well I say that but it's really not so bad. He is the first baby anything I've really taken care of on my own, so my life has been consumed by his needs for the past three days. Luckily he's getting good enough that I'm not really having to give him my undivided attention 24/7 anymore.

The main thing, however, is that I can't leave the house right now. I'm kennel training him, which is going pretty well, but I just can't justify leaving a 2 month old puppy alone. I should wait until I absolutely know he'll be ok.

How does this relate to weight loss? Well I can't run, swim, or do anything outside of my house. This has been a real challenge. I'm not that worried about it since he'll eventually really help me with working out, but also my husband and I will be doing the Insanity dvds very soon. I should be getting them on friday. I want to combine that with my hiking and cardio. Hiking will probably happen on the active rest days.

So, regarding my main issue which is my diet. I've decided to try making meals I've never made before, or experimenting and cooking meals that would be very healthy. I would call them super meals, since they contain a large amount of nutritional value and consist of mostly very healthy food. I want to try this experiment until I reach 100 meals. Each one has to be different. I will include current recipes that I make, but I'll run out of those very quickly. So here's my first meal:

Meal 1. Portabella mushroom with egg baked on top. Sweet tea to drink

It got a little messy, ended up sticking to the foil in the oven. Forgot to oil it :P   Anyway, hope I can keep it up! I'll post more meals today as I make them.

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