Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little lost

Things are a bit unusual I suppose. I don't even know what week it is, I'll have to check... ok so it's been almost exactly 3 months since I started trying to lose weight, and I've lost about 3 pounds total. "But Lauren," you might exclaim, "I thought you lost 5 pounds!" Yes, I gained two over the last two weeks. It's been a little confusing balancing weight loss with physical fitness. I thought the two would go hand in hand, and weight loss would come with the package of pushing myself physically, but that's not the case. If I hike all morning and eat carbs all afternoon, I'll just even out, I'm not going to lose weight. So, at 147 pounds AGAIN, I have to come to terms with my eating habits. Because I've been pushing myself physically, I've been eating more, so I haven't been losing weight.

On another note, I did achieve a goal today. I decided this morning to run 5 miles. It's been a goal of mine I've been working towards. Recently I ran 2 and felt ok. Instead of easing into it, I decided to try for my goal today and succeeded. There was sweat, panting, a feeling of nauseau, bliss, laughter, frustration, pain and dizziness, but I got through it. My prize was a CamelBak, which I can't wait to use.

I've been wanting one of these for a long time, and now that I hike more, I can actually use it. I was also thinking it was perfect for art supplies, and I can do sketches more easily on hikes.

I feel strange. I'm so much healthier now than I used to be, but I'm still basically the same weight. I can run for 10 minutes are so and not feel any different than walking. I can swim for an hour and not feel tired. I can hike around and be fine for the rest of the day. My cardio and endurance are very strong, but I still have body fat that won't go away. I know it's my diet, but it's so difficult to stay away from carbs when you've burned so much energy throughout the day. I guess if I really want to get thinner and tone up, I'm going to have to adopt some lessons from the caveman diet. I need to rely on protein instead of carbs. Meat, fruit and veggies need to be most of my diet. It'll take a little more effort, but hopefully this next week I can focus on that MORE than the workouts.

Current stats:
147.2 lbs
waist: 39
thigh: 24
bicep: 12

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